The year is 1994…

…but the world is not our own.

It is a world where the Cold War is over, but the clandestine battle rages on.

It is a world where secret government experiments produce super soldiers…and misshapen monsters.

It is a world where obsessed mystics, whether in a mountaintop monastery in the Himalayas or at an occult library in Toronto, unlock ancient mysteries and vast gulfs of untapped power.

It is a world where men, women, boys, and girls, gifted by science or the supernatural, rise up to become heroes…or villains.

Sources of Inspiration

This campaign originally started as a Palladium mashup before switching to Savage Worlds. There will be some “Easter eggs” of content culled from gaming and pop culture references, but for the most part, the universe will be a unique one, created and explored through gameplay.

The general “power level” of the campaign will be along the lines of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Nolan Batman films, Watchmen, or The Venture Bros.—in other words, most heroes and villains will be normal folk augmented with a highly-trained skillset, or else advanced technology or bio-engineering. Mystic or transhumanistic powers do exist, but are exceedingly rare. Most “supernaturally” powered individuals, such as there are, will come from some other dimension or planet.

In terms of the Power Levels presented in the Super Powers Companion, campaigns will start at the “Four Color” level.

Heroes, Ninjas, and Other Strangeness

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