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A Shared World

As the campaign’s Home Page indicates, this is meant to be a sort of shared world-building experience. Any adventures or campaigns run in this setting will be considered as establishing canon (until the inevitable retcons, naturally), and the goal is to propagate something approaching originality (even though derivative “homages” are, as a long-standing and proud tradition of the comics genre, all but certain to creep in).

It is hoped that each campaign run in this world will be set in a different primary locale (while, of course, still allowing for globe-hopping, crossover adventures when the time is right), and that those locales will be developed and reshaped through game play.

As such, this wiki will stand as a repository of established canon for all campaigns, as well as any house rules that may develop through playtesting.


I’ve read somewhere that superhero campaigns are most effective when run in locations the players are familiar with. Ergo…

San Francisco

Visitacion Valley


V-Dub Mafia

House Rules

I know from bitter experience that it’s all too easy to go down the rabbit hole of tinkering with Palladium’s house system. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ve drafted house rule documents in the past that have run in excess of 20 pages.

Let’s face it: there will always be things to mod or tweak when it comes to Palladium; that can be part of the fun of playing these games, after all! Thes house rules, therefore, set out only to address the most glaring issues and “fix” them, which is to say provide a streamlined and (hopefully) clarified gaming experience.

Despite how much Siembieda tries to put his spin on things, the Palladium system is avowedly not a “universal” system, nor was it designed to act as one. It’s a house system, absolutely. But every Palladium game (even those sharing nominally the same genre, like Heroes Unlimited, Ninjas & Superspies, and TMNT) handle fairly major aspects of the game (such as combat bonuses or skill selection and categorization) differently.

As such, it’s not really possible to create an overarching house rule document that’s going to be one thing to all Palladium players. However, we’ll try our best here. Take what’s presented here and tweak as necessary to fit your game of choice.

The Core Mechanic

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